2008. december 25., csütörtök

In memory of Michelle Meldrum

When somebody passes away is a sad thing. On the 21st May 2008 Michelle Meldrum passed away. She was the former guitarist of thrash bands Post Mortem and Wargod, then she formed Phantom Blue and later on her own band Meldrum. As for her musical activities, Phantom Blue's first record had an effect on me back in the day, I consider it one of the best metal releases of all time. It succeeded in getting touch with former Phantom Blue guitarist Nicole Couch and with her help you can read everything about the band's career and about that awesome record.

Nicole Couch: I grew up in rural Missippi and Memphis, Tennessee. I began studying piano at age five, began playing the flute at age nine, began playing guitar at age twelve.
My biggest influences on guitar are David Gilmore, Randy Rhoads and Paul Gilbert. I dropped out of highschool at sixteen and left for California.
I attended GIT (Musician's Institue of Technology) for a year and met up with Michelle Meldrum. We formed Phantom Blue. I gave it a good run for a while and I left Phantom Blue in 1992.
I moved to New York City, had two kids, then I sailed to the Caribbean, taught music to both grade school and high school students, played guitar and sang for lots of drunk people in bars. Now I am dedicated to studying classical piano.

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