2012. január 10., kedd

Top 20 releases of 2011

1. ARCH/MATHEOS: Sympathetic Resonance
2. ARTILLERY: My Blood
3. HATE ETERNAL: Phoenix Amongst The Ashes
4. MORBID ANGEL: Illud Divinum Insanus
5. BLOOD CEREMONY: Living With The Ancients
7. CROWBAR: Sever The Wicked Hand
8. CHARRED WALLS OF THE DAMNED: Cold Winds On Timeless Days
9. LAKE OF MIND: A Condemned Soul
10. ANVIL: Juggernaut Of Justice
11. ALARUM: Natural Causes
12. DEVIL: Time To Repent
13. VEKTOR: Outer Isolation
14. VALLENFYRE: A Fragile King
15. ENTRAILS: The Tomb Awaits
16. MORBUS CHRON: Sleepers In The Rift
17. VAIN: Enough Rope
18. STEEL PANTHER: Balls Out
19. VOMITORY: Opus Mortis VIII
20. TOXIC TRACE: Torment

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